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Reaching new heights

BEGO Semados® S implant TG

BEGO Semados® S implant TG

The BEGO Semados® S Implant TG (TG = Transgingival) is based on many years of experience with the S implants and features a high machined implant shoulder of 3 mm.
The implant is available in two diameters, each of which is available in two lengths*, and is prepared using the same surgical tray as the BEGO Semados® S/SC/SCX implants.

For the established Platform Switch design, which the S-TG implant also has, we offer you a number of prosthetic treatment options.
The exceptionally high technical standards ensure a high degree of satisfaction — for both dental implantologists and patients.

Optimally connected

A broad range of high-precision custom implant
prosthetics is available for the BEGO Semados®
implants in addition to the standard prosthetic
components. The products range from one- and twopart
abutments to bar restorations and screw-retained
implant bridges. The products are fabricated from
various biocompatible materials in the BEGO high-tech
CAD/CAM production center in accordance with the
most stringent quality standards.

Your benefits

Implant interface at gingival height
High machined implant shoulder
One-stage implantation technique is possible
Same implant-abutment interface as for BEGO
   Semados® SC/SCX/RS/RSX implant systems
Stable connection with no micromovements during
   functional masticatory loading (up to 150 N)
Use in combination with BEGO Semados®
   S-Line TrayPlus
* Diameters: 3.75 / 4.1mm
   Lengths: 10 / 13 mm (osseous nominal size +
   2.5 mm gingival area)

Added value guaranteed

Implant dentistry restorations with BEGO Semados®
implants can be provided with warranty coverage
of 5 years from the day of implantation using BEGO
SECURITY Implants. The guarantee covers dentistry
fees and laboratory and material costs. It covers
restorations with BEGO Semados® implants, BEGO
Implant Systems prosthetic components and individual
abutments manufactured in the BEGO CAD/CAM
procedure as well as any restoration inserted on these
abutments. This gives premium implant restorations
true added value and offers patients additional

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