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BIB forte eco 50ml
  • BIB forte eco 50ml

BIB forte eco 50ml

Aldehyde-, phenol- and QAC-free liquid concentrate for the cleaning and disinfection without fixative proteins of medical and dental instruments, precision rotary instruments and endoscopes.
Stability period
7 days in normal contamination
bactericidal (including TB and suitable for hospital prophylaxis)
0.5% ? 60 minutes / 2.0% ? 30 minutes
Limited spectrum of virucidal activity against enveloped viruses e. g. HBV, HCV, Influenza Si and non-enveloped viruses at 40 ?C: 3.0 % ? 10 minutes (in ultrasound equipment) / 4.0 % ? 5 minutes (in ultrasound equipment)
Virucidal Yeast Killer
Recommended application 0.5% ? 60 min.
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