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WL dry Starter set
  • WL dry Starter set

WL dry Starter set

Set for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing dental instruments and drying them after cleaning. The set includes: 2x500ml WL-Clean, 2x500ml WL-Cid, 2x300ml WL-DryWL-dry is used for quick drying and to support the cleaning of instruments: such as turbines dental, floor and countertops, endoscopes or air cleaners. It is applied to the residues of disinfection and care products, as well as the drying of spray channels and internal surfaces.
WL-cid is used for the internal disinfection of medical and dental instruments such as turbines, parts and counters after pre-cleaning without protein fixation with WL-clean. WL-cid is a class II medicinal product B.WL-clean is a class I medicinal product, it is a solution of the active substance VAH/DGHM certified for internal cleaning that does not fix with proteins before disinfection and sterilization of instruments medical and dental with turbines, parts and contra-angles, as well as endoscopes.
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